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About Rachael Johnson. She started hairdressing after she left school in 1986 with a YTS Scheme  apprenticeship at my local salon, where she built up a large clientele along the way, until 1992 when one of her male colleagues (who was completely bald) suggested I worked freelance.

Up until then, she’d never considered it, but the more she thought about it, the more she liked the idea, and decided (not without some fears) to hand in her notice. She then left to set up her own mobile hairdressing business which ran successfully for about ten years (thanks to the support and advice of my bald hairdressing friend), before she was asked to teach hairdressing at the local Further Education College.

This is why she has put together this guide so that you to can learn from everything that she learnt over the last 10 years (including the mistakes so you do not make them) and set up your own mobile hairdressing business and enjoy the freedom of working for yourself.

There is no great feeling, that starting your own business, watching it grow and reaping the rewards.

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