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A common email that I receive states: "I am looking to start my own mobile hairdressing business what's the best way to start?"

So I would like to answer this question here so that other people can benefit from the answer. When I first started out 10 years ago mobile hairdressing was not as common as it is now and I have made a number of mistakes a long the way. But I have also built up a large amount of knowledge about the industry and in particular growing a mobile hairdressing business.

I soon started to share this with my friends who were also looking to branch out on their own. After a while I decided that the best way I could help people in my position would be to write everything I knew down in an easy to follow step by step business start up guide.

The best investment you can make is in yourself and by purchasing this guide you are making an investment in yourself, your business and most importantly your future. 

I also receive a few emails asking why I have priced my book at £36.97 and that this is quite a lot to ask.

My response it often to ask how much will you be investing in hairdressing and equipment over the next few years? Surely a guide that shows you how to start your own business and earn £35,000 per year is worth an investment of £36.97? 

For you investment you get all my insider knowledge that I have built up over the last ten years, techniques that I have used, developed and tweaked to increases sales from each customer, my list of resources that I have built up, a sample business plan and a client questionnaire to name but a few benefits of the book. You also get to learn from all my mistakes so you can avoid them!

For me this knowledge is priceless and arriving a the figure of £36.97 was difficult but I feel it is a fair price when you look at what you get in return.

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