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Why do you charge more for the paper manual format?
We have found that the costs involved in print runs and additional postage, and the time delay in getting you the most up to date information means that paper manuals are more costly to produce. Also some of the content is presented using colour graphics and diagrams which are more effectively communicated on screen.

Do your products run on Apple Macs?

Unfortunately the number of people using Apple Macs is still <5% of the computer user base so it is not cost effective for us to produce a Mac version of all our products. If you have a PC emulator on your Mac then our products should work fine.

How do I know that what you’re saying is true?

One thing about the internet, it’s hard to know what’s true and when something is a hoax. All I can do is give you my word, and a 100% money-back guarantee to remove any risk to you. So you can buy the book, read it, and make your own judgement. If you are not happy, simply request a refund.

Is this book only available in the United Kingdom?

This book is available worldwide, exclusively from this website. If you are from outside the UK simply select the e-book option and your e-book will be sent to you instantly where ever you are in the world.

Why do you charge for the book? Why don’t you give it away for free?

Firstly, the simple fact is if I did not charge any money for the book no one would get access to the information, as I could not afford the cost of running the website. You may be surprised at what it costs me to run the site. Therefore if I charged no money, I would go broke, the web-site would close, and I would help no-one.

Secondly I have tested and proven that by using the net I can get the information to more people world wide, quicker and cheaper than any other method. Therefore I can help more people. But it costs money to run.

I spent thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours to put all the information into the book. To give all of this for just £27 is surely worth it.

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