Mobile Hairdressing Affiliate Program

New For 2011

Earn 45% commission from every sale that you earn. When you join the affiliate programme you will be provided with a unique affiliate link specific to you. When you direct someone to this webpage and that customer makes a sales you will receive 45% of the profits from that sale.

For example, if you are a company and have a list of customers who would be interested in starting their own mobile hairdressing business. Simply send them you affiliate link and the affiliate marketing software tracks every single sale you make.

You simply log into your mobile hairdressing affiliate account and check how many sales you have made. Every is tracked and recorded by the software so you know exactly how much commission you will be receiving each month.

The Mobile Hairdressing affiliate program has payout time period, which means rather than waiting several months to receive your commission payment is made the following month. For example, if you selling a product in January you will receive the payment for this at the end of February.

To earn a sale all you need to do is direct a customer to the sales page, let them read the sales page and make a purchase. We take and process the payment which means you do not need a website and do not need to spend hours putting a sales letter together.

Our affiliate customer's area will also provide you with detailed daily statistics, which you can use to fine-tune your mobile hairdressing affiliate program.

To join the affiliate program CLICK HERE (affiliate sign up)

To log into your affiliate account please CLICK HERE (affiliate log in)


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