Undertaking Appropriate Business Courses to Become a Mobile Hairdresser

The need for professional hairdressing is rising speedily in the UK, especially mobile hairdressing. Therefore, in order to distinguish yourself in today’s hairdressing business world, you must undergo the appropriate business courses to become a hairdresser, and eventually diversify to mobile hairdressing. An appropriate business course to become a hairdresser should also incorporate beauty skills, this will be an added advantage and will earn an extra income alongside hairdressing services.

The National Vocational Qualification in Hairdressing

Indeed, becoming a notable mobile hairdresser does not come through short-cuts, proper training is necessary. Embarking on a National Vocational Qualification in Hairdressing is one of the great ways to hone in your skills for hairdressing, and to excel in mobile hairdressing. The vocational hairdressing training is in various levels. The level one is an introductory stage. The level 2 goes further to inculcate the basic skills to work as a hairdresser. Such skills include perming, hair colouring, blow-drying and hair cutting. At this level, you would no longer be under supervision, you will start carrying out hairdressing responsibilities without supervision. At level 3 of the National Vocational Qualification for Hairdressing, you will acquire more professional skills for hairdressing, as well as hairdressing management skills.

Diploma Course in Hairdressing

You can also embark on a diploma course in hairdressing. The course duration for a diploma programme in hairdressing is up to 18 months. Basically, the diploma course is for people who want to build a career in hairdressing. A successful completion of a hairdressing diploma course will make you qualified in every aspect of hairdressing. Subsequently, you would get international accreditation in hairdressing, plus full membership into the UK Hairdressing Council.

A well structured diploma business course in hairdressing will cover essential aspects such as: Consulting and Diagnosing, Colouring, Styling and Cutting, Hairdressing Related Science and Theory, Theory and Practical Skills in Hairdressing, Make-Up and Beauty Skills, Hair Damage Control, Hair Shampooing and Conditioning, Anatomy of the Head, Interpersonal Relationship Skills, Health and Safety in Hairdressing, Customer Care, Computers in Hairdressing, Tools of the Trade, Service Pricing, Client Consultation and more. Also, management skills are a necessary aspect of the hairdressing business course. Since hair dressing is a type of business, you must acquire the right management skills to manage your hairdressing service.

The appropriate business course to become a hairdresser is also applicable to mobile hairdressing. In essence, the knowledge and skills acquired in the course of hairdressing National Vocational Training or Diploma in Hairdressing will be employed in mobile hairdressing as well.

Therefore, if you’ve decided to build a career in mobile hairdressing and hairdressing as a whole, undergoing an appropriate hairdressing business course will help distinguish you from other mobile hairdressers. You can place high value on your services if you have a certification to show for it. Today’s hairdressing has gone beyond the regular or traditional mode. The right approach such as a proper business course or training will help you know how to carry on a hairdressing business in the 21st century.

So, go for the appropriate business courses in order to become a distinguished mobile hairdresser. You may consult an expert for the right business courses to undertake.

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