The Huge Requirement for ‘People Skills’ as a Mobile Hairdresser

It has been repeated time and again in most of our mobile hairdressing posts, that the need for mobile hairdressing has grown leaps and bounds. Subsequently, there is a huge requirement for people skills as mobile hairdressers. As a result, a mobile hairdresser’s pay is competing favourably with the pay scale in several sectors. Refer to our article on mobile hairdresser pay and conditions to find out the average pay of a mobile hairdresser in the UK.

The various areas that have need for the huge requirement of people skills in mobile hairdressing include the following:

Wedding and Anniversaries: with weddings, anniversaries and other special occasions springing forth now and then, a lot of celebrants prefer to have their haircut or hairstyling at home. So, mobile hairdressers are contacted for this service. Presently, it appears that the available people skills in mobile hairdressing are not sufficient to meet the demand. Therefore, if you are passionate about providing beauty care and services, you can build a career in mobile hairdressing. There are specialised business courses for becoming a general hairdresser/mobile hairdresser.

Homes: in addition to mobile hairdressing services offered to brides and bride’s maids, there are other different needs for mobile hairdressing at home. For instance, disabled people or sick persons whose movements are limited would prefer to have their hair dressed at home. Also, a mobile hairdressing service is in demand at old people’s homes and other places. Also, in places like prison and hospitals, restricted movement due to confinement would trigger the need for mobile hairdressing service.

The Case of Social Status: for the sake of social status, some people may just decide to have their beauty needs attended to at home. Typical examples of such people are the celebrities, super-stars and high calibre members of society. However, this category of people would also require ‘classy’ mobile hairdressing services. In other words, you must be a pro and a renowned mobile hairdresser in order to meet the taste of these VIPs. Well, it’s really not a big deal. If you have acquired the right skills and qualifications, someone can make reference to you. Also, experience is a big plus.

So, how can you acquire the skills required to meet the huge demand for a mobile hairdressing service? Enrolling in the appropriate business courses for becoming a hairdresser will equip you with the right skills for becoming a distinguished mobile hairdresser.

The National Vocational Qualification in Hairdressing is a good choice for obtaining the right skills and certification for becoming a hairdresser. The programme, which comes in 3 various levels, will lead to an award of certification in hairdressing. Also, a diploma course in hairdressing is a great way to get the right skill for building a career in hairdressing. Subsequently, you can get an international accreditation. Also, membership with the UK Hairdressing Council will boost your mobile hairdressing service.

With the huge demand for people skills in mobile hairdressing, you can make a decent living as a mobile hairdresser.

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