Relevant Skills and Qualifications Required to Become a Mobile Hairdresser

The increasing need for mobile hairdressing services has made this business niche a lucrative one. As a result, the pay scale for a mobile hairdresser will compete favourably with the pay scale in other sectors, especially the white collar type of jobs. However, to benefit immensely from the demand boom in the hairdressing industry, you must possess the right skills and prove to be exceptional in your services.

Relevant Skills to Become a Mobile Hairdresser

If you have a passion in hairdressing, and perhaps some potential in the industry, you need to transform this potential to skills. Certain skills are necessary for building a successful career in mobile hairdressing and hairdressing as a whole.

Such skills will include the following: Consulting and Diagnosing, Colouring, Styling and Cutting, Practical Skills in Hairdressing, Make-Up and Beauty Skills, Hair Damage Control, Hair Shampooing and Conditioning, Interpersonal Relationship Skills, Client Consultation and excellent customer care.

There are more skills to include in this list. These hairdressing skills are better acquired through well structured training programmes or courses. This will ultimately provide you with the right qualifications to become a mobile hairdresser as well as a general hairdresser.

Qualifications to Become a Mobile Hairdresser

Indeed, the right skills and qualifications will distinguish you in the hairdressing industry. It is easier for people to opt for hairdressers with qualification proof, in the view that their hair and other beauty needs will be handled more professionally.

You can embark on a diploma course in hairdressing as one of the ways to obtain the right qualification for hairdressing. The course duration for the diploma in hairdressing may be about 18 months depending on the course structure. Basically, the diploma course is for people who want to build a career in hairdressing. A successful completion of a hairdressing diploma course will make you qualified in every aspect of hairdressing.

One of the ways you can obtain the relevant qualification to become a mobile hairdresser is to enrol in the National Vocational Qualification in Hairdressing. Enrolling for the National Vocational Qualification in Hairdressing is one of the best ways to hone up your skills for mobile hairdressing. The vocational hairdressing training is in different stages. The level one is an introduction; the level 2 goes further to instil the basic skills to work as a hairdresser. The basic skills are perming, hair colouring, blow-drying and cutting. At this stage, you would no longer be under supervision, you will start carrying out hairdressing responsibilities without supervision. At level 3 of the National Vocational Training, you will acquire more professional skills for hairdressing, as well as hairdressing management skills.

Additionally, you need national and international accreditation in order to place higher worth on your hairdressing services. Also, membership with the UK Hairdressing Council will add more value to your mobile hair dressing business. These additional qualifications will definitely help in your mobile hairdressing business branding.

Therefore, do not relent in your efforts when it comes to getting the relevant skills and qualifications to become a successful mobile hairdresser.

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