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Even In This Current Banking Crisis)


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Good morning,

There is good news and bad news. And I think you already know what the bad news is, mainly…

Mass hysteria. Panic selling. The world markets constantly crashing. The housing market in freefall. And Economic Armageddon - in the shape of a Banking collapse - are seemingly just around the corner.

Now you might think with all this doom and gloom about the state of the British economy, that you can’t make money doing anything in any business.

But that isn’t entirely true. Why?

Now For The GOOD News…

Did you know that in the midst of this Credit Crunch, there’s one group of people who are quietly making a very good living from what I consider to be the ultimate business available. They offer a high quality service which is always in CONSTANT demand, regardless of what the banks or economy are doing.

This service currently generates sales in excess of £3.8 billion a year (and keeps growing) in the U.K., which has never gone out of fashion (and never will), and has been around since the beginning of time.

A service which provides me with in excess of £35,000.00 a year income, and offers you numerous opportunities to follow in my footsteps (and earn even more than this in less time than it took me).

I am, of course, talking about… HAIRDRESSING…

Hairdressing – The Multi-Billion Pound Business Right Under Your Nose

Hairdressing is so much part of our everyday lives it’s easy to take it for granted, and forget the key and constant role it has in contributing to a dynamic and growing economy.

Whether it’s getting the right haircut to look your best for your office or factory job, a job interview (which is a popular reason at the moment), making sure your children’s hair is neat and tidy, or wanting the right ‘look’ for a night out, having the right haircut plays a vitally important part in your life.

Don’t just take my word for it though. Have a look at the following fact – the figures may surprise you…

  1. In 2007, customers spent over £3.8 billion in Hairdressers and Barbers in the UK alone
  1. The U.K. Hairdressing industry employs in excess of 180,000 people, in over 31,000 separate businesses
  1. The number of client visits to Hairdressers in 2007 rocketed to an all-time high of over 340 million (that’s SIX visits a year for every U.K. man, woman and child)
  1. The growth in the Hairdressing Industry is here to stay, as over 100,000 people are

currently in training, and there are over 37,000 vacancies in the industry as a whole)

(SOURCE: Habia: the government approved standards setting body for hair, beauty, nails and spa industries)

Impressive figures, aren’t they?

Perhaps you didn’t realise just how big the Hairdressing Industry was – I know I didn’t when I first got involved…


Hairdressing - The Ultimate ‘Recession-Proof’ Business Opportunity…

You know it yourself. Having the right hairstyle sets the mood for the day, especially for us women! Particularly when the vast majority of us will notice other people’s hair before we notice anything else.

After all, if things aren’t going well they don’t call it a ‘bad hair day’ for nothing. But on the flip side, a great hairstyle can make you feel like a million dollars.

But it’s not just me who thinks this. Flick through any one of the dozens of lifestyle magazines in your local newsagents (the shelves are groaning under the weight of them) and you’ll see entire sections dedicated to ‘who’s got what hairstyle right now’. Why? Simple…

People Want To Have The SAME Hairstyles As Their Celebrity Idols…

With the recent rise of Celebrity Culture over the last few years, and the growth in popularity of reality TV shows such as The Salon and Celebrity Crimpers, the era of people following the ‘Celebrity Hairstyle’ of the day is here to stay.

Think back a few years to the ‘Pixie Cut’ of top Model Twiggy in the 1960s, the perm and mullet in the 80s (not one of my favourite styles!), the ‘Rachel’ in the late 1990s (a VERY popular request for me around the time of the U.S. show Friends), and David and Victoria Beckham changing their hairstyles more often than their underwear! Extensions, Mohicans, short and long hair, and the ‘Pob’ – Victoria Beckham’s latest style. These hairstyles are hugely popular with a lot of people.

They ALSO Want A Good Haircut At A Price They Can Afford…

Yes, yes, I know. Not everyone wants to copy a ‘Celebrity Hairstyle’. In fact, most people just want to have a decent haircut which doesn’t cost them a fortune.

And yes, there’s a lot going on right now with the Banking Crisis, which makes people more aware of how much they spend on so-called ‘luxuries’, such as expensive Salon treatments. But even in these tricky times, people still want and need to have their hair cut. In fact, many hairdressers spend their entire careers servicing the needs of a small section of their local community, without travelling very far to do it.

What Does All This Mean To You?

Simple. The Opportunity Of A Lifetime…

I’ve told you about Hairdressing as a valuable skill which will never go out of fashion and that it is constantly in demand. But you may think that to become a Hairdresser, you need to work in a Salon on Barbers. Or even buy a high-street property and start one yourself.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth, as now you can visit Hairdressing clients in their own homes, without needing to own or buy a Salon of your own.

This is known in the industry as MOBILE HAIRDRESSING.

Here’s Why Mobile Hairdressing Can Provide You

With A Dream Career In 2012 (Especially In The Credit Crunch):

  1. Hairdressing is one of the skills that is widely recognised as being perfectly suited to self-employment. It is also virtually recession-proof: people will always need their hair cutting, even if they choose to cut back on colours or perms. Hair grows, no matter what a person’s financial situation. So hairdressers are ideally placed to build a life and a career for themselves that is dependant only on their own skills and efforts.
  1. Another factor which has changed the public’s perception of mobile hairdressing is the changes in our busy 21st Century lifestyles. With the current Credit Crunch, people are not prepared to travel long distances to a Hairdresser (due to the cost of petrol, parking  
  1. Many working mothers find that being able to have the whole family’s hair done at home in the evening or weekend is a huge bonus, saving both time, effort  and money. Another bonus at the moment with everything going on…
  1. Perhaps most important of all, you also feel the pride, achievement and satisfaction of making someone look beautiful, whilst getting well paid to do it.

Whether you already work as a Hairdresser, own a salon, or are completely new to Hairdressing, and you’re looking for a realistic and proven money-making business, Mobile Hairdressing (and the income it provides) could well be the answer to your financial prayers.

How YOU Can Cash In On The U.K.’s Obsession With Hairdressing

It’s simple really. The secret of success in any business can be broken down into three easy steps:

1)     Find a ‘hungry market’ of people desperate for a certain product or service

2)     Give them exactly what they want on a plate, quickly, cheaply and easily

3)     Watch as these delighted clients pour more and more money into your bank account.

And there are few, if any, markets and business models that are as simple to run, and easy to make good money from on a regular basis, than that of Mobile Hairdressing.

How I Became A Successful Mobile Hairdresser…

My name is Rachael Johnson. I started hairdressing after I left school in 1986 with a YTS Scheme  apprenticeship at my local salon, where I built up a large clientele

Up until then, I’d never considered it, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea,



How You Can Earn £35,000.00+ A Year From Mobile Hairdressing In 2012

I know the mobile hairdressing business inside-out, and after much trial and error know exactly how it works. Now I’m in a position to share my hard-won insider secrets of what it really takes to earn a good living from this little-known, yet highly lucrative business.

And this is your invitation to discover, risk-free, everything there is to know about the Mobile Hairdressing Industry, and how you can make anything from £5,000.00 a year (part-time) or £25,000.00 - £35,000.00 a year (full-time) from it...

How To Earn £35,000.00 A Year From Mobile Hairdressing can help you…

How To Earn £35,000.00 A Year From Mobile Hairdressing’ Your Fast-Track To Financial Freedom In 2012

How To Earn £35,000.00 A Year From Mobile Hairdressing is my step-by-step guide, which shows you how to become a successful Mobile Hairdresser, work for yourself, and become financially free.

The aim of my guide is simple: to make you money and save you a lot of time, effort and money by putting all the information you need in one easy to understand format.

One which can earn you

Everything You Need To Succeed – All In One Place…

The main features of this guide are divided into 6 chapters. Each chapter provides insider knowledge

No fluff, no filler and no waffle – just the facts.

And Here’s What Else You’ll Discover In Your Copy Of How To Earn £35,000.00 A Year From Mobile Hairdressing

Chapter One: Taking Stock: The Reasons For Starting Your Own Mobile Hairdressing Business in 2012

This introductory chapter helps you assess your own motivations and capabilities, and discover whether self-employment is for you. You’ll discover the upside and the downside to running your own mobile hairdressing business, giving you everything you need to know before you take the plunge and start your own Mobile Hairdressing business, and includes:

  • Are you cut out for a career in Hairdressing? Use my unique 14-point self-assessment plan on pages 7-8 to discover your strengths and weaknesses.

  • The quick and easy ways to get – and KEEP – long-term clients (This is one of the top ‘issues’ I find stopping friends and colleagues from succeeding in the business. I’ll reveal some of my top high-profit strategies, won the hard way through trial and error, on page 11)

  • The six benefits of ongoing training, and where to get it as a Mobile Hairdresser. – page 13)

  • And much, much more

Chapter Two: The Quick And Easy Ways To Get Started

Now that you’ve laid the foundations, it’s time to get your show on the road. In Chapter Two, I’ll help you understand the tax and legal implications of being self-employed

  • MARKET RESEARCH EXPLAINED: I’ll show you how to answer the all-important questions, such as:

  • What should you call your new mobile hairdressing business? (Here are two simple suggestions to help you find that all-important name – discover how on page 15).

  • How to assess your competition (A vital part of your future success as a Mobile Hairdresser is knowing what others are doing right – and wrong – in your industry. Find out how to do this, and earn the maximum amount of money in minimum time, on pages 17-18)

  • How to put together a business plan which WORKS (One which makes your Bank Manager take you and your future success-plans seriously. INCLUDES: a complete A-Z Ready To-Go Business Plan you can use and model for your own business – pages 21-29)

  • The Number One reason people do NOT use a Mobile Hairdresser (and how to overcome this little-known fear to make sure people hire you  

  • How to boost your earnings while you’re colouring someone’s hair (INCLUDES: should you offer PERMS as an extra service? The answer may surprise you…) Pages 31-32

  • The money-spinning add-on service you can offer which can make you £300.00+ a DAY (The best part? “It” happens all the time, so plenty of chances for you to cash in!) – page 32

  • The ‘Ten Commandments’ of finding your target market (The questions you should ask to find, impress and retain the best, highest-paying Hairdressing clients in your area – all is revealed on Page 32)

  • How to do extensive Market Research in just 4 Minutes (Amazing! page 32)

  • The simple ways to work out your business costs in INCLUDES: how to work out your break-even profit and loss figures (Don’t worry! You don’t need to be good at Maths to do this, but you DO need to calculate these vital figures, as they mean the difference between success and failure…)

  • Which services to offer as a Mobile Hairdresser to bring you the maximum profit with minimum effort. Find out on page 36

Chapter Three: How To Build On Your Mobile Hairdressing Business Success For Maximum Profit in 2012

Now that you’re up and running, and the money is starting to come in, it’s time for you to use every tool available to you to build your mobile hairdressing business base.

By this I mean

  • The little-known ways to encourage your clients to make referrals (Easy when you know how - page 37)

  • What to offer (and NOT to offer) as business-building incentives to your clients (page 38)

  • The RIGHT way (and the wrong way) to promote your mobile hairdressing business (In pages 39-46, you get full details of your comprehensive ‘marketing toolkit’ which includes:

    • Details of the different advertising medium you can use to attract more customers more often

    • What to always remember when you advertise anywhere:

    • The truth about PRICE DISCOUNTS – the best times to offer them [and why too much price-cutting can be a self-inflicted wound…]

  • The powerful strategies and techniques you can use to negotiate block details with large clients (Knowing this could make you hundreds, even thousands of extra pounds a year profit, so read carefully. Page 47)

  • Do you really need a website to promote your Mobile Hairdressing business? (Find out my shocking conclusions to this often-asked question on pages 47 and 48…)

  • The time-saving techniques you can use to handle your incoming mail (once your hairdressing business starts to take off, it’s vital you keep on top of this – discover how to do it on page 49)

  • The most important part of your marketing campaign (It’s totally ignored by 99% of your competitors, but once you get a handle on this, your long-term success is assured! Find out what this ‘secret’ is, and how to take full advantage of it, on pages 50-51. INCLUDES: a handy hints table to get you started FAST…)

  • And much, much more…

Chapter Four: How To Look After And Keep Your Most Important ‘Asset’ Happy: Your Clients

The most important rule of any business is to always make sure your clients are happy.

You might well be the best, most skilled hairdresser in the world, but if you don’t look after your clients properly and treat them well, you will never be successful in business.

It’s simple really: poor client management = no clients = no business = no money.

On the other hand, even if you are an average hairdresser, with fairly good skills (but wouldn’t win

Goods customer service skills = happy clients = repeat clients = more referred clients from your happy clients = a LOT more business = a LOT more money and profit in your pocket.

That’s the kind of “Maths” I LOVE!

You’ll discover the reasons why mobile hairdressers lose clients, and see exactly how to avoid the common pitfalls your competitors make, become a expert in customer care, and be prepared for difficult situations and learn how to deal with them calmly

  • Four simple ways to master time management (and keep your clients – and Bank Manager – very happy in the process…) Page 53

  • How to use a CLIENT QUESTIONNAIRE to make yourself the only mobile hairdresser your clients will ever use.

    • (INCLUDES: Your very own draft sample of MY client questionnaire (for you to use) on pages 54-56

    • [PLUS: the Case Study which reveals how one mobile hairdresser transformed his business for the better by taking on board what his clients said…]

  • Five quick and easy tips for regaining lapsed customers (this could make the difference between long-term success and failure, so pay attention) Pages 58-59

  • The follow-up services you must offer your clients to make you “the only Mobile Hairdresser in town” in your local area – Pages 60-61

  • Visiting clients for advice or consultations – is it worth your while? (The ‘experts’ tell you it’s an essential part of the business real answers may surprise you! Find out what I think on page 62).

  • How to deal with “problem customers” effectively and professionally.

(Whether it’s Hairdressing, or any other business, you WILL have them. But you can get rid of almost all of them , quickly and easily, simply by following my instructions on pages 63-66…) INCLUDES:

    • What to do when something goes wrong during an appointment – page 64

    • Where to find professional advice and support in the Hairdressing industry – page 64

    • How to rectify serious mistakes – page 65

    • What to give each client BEFORE carrying out any colouring service – page 66

Chapter Five: Financial Matters: How To Work Out Your Mobile Hairdressing Business Profits…

There’s no escaping it. Knowing your ‘numbers’ in any business is VITAL and something you have to know how to do. But it doesn’t have to be complicated, and in this Chapter, I show you how to keep track of those all-important business figures you need to know – and do it without fear!

In this Chapter, you’ll find out how to keep records, the quick and easy ways to manage your banking

  • What you must record and how in your Mobile Hairdressing business (and when) – Pages 68-69

  • How to record your income and outgoings in a simple-to-use cashbook. (Don’t worry if you’ve never used one before – everything is explained very clearly, with full examples and case studies you can model for your own business) – pages 69-71

  • What can you claim on as a ‘taxable expense’ in your own mobile hairdressing business? More than you might think! Find out exactly what you can offset your spending on, on pages 71-72

  • How to make sure your self-assessment and tax returns (this will save you a fortune in time, effort and money – and it’s so easy to do! Full details on pages 73-74…

    • PLUS…. What you must NEVER do on a self-assessment form that your Accountant doesn’t tell you about…)

Chapter Six: How To Keep Growing Your Mobile Hairdressing Business (And Boosting Your Profits)

You’re up and running. Your marketing is bringing you a stream of new clients. Your services are in constant demand from old and new clients alike. And the money is pouring in.

But careful! Just because things are good right now doesn’t mean you should stop working hard to keep growing. You need to prepare NOW for keeping on top of your business growth with ideas for increasing your revenue without increasing your efforts.

In this Chapter, you’ll see how to recognise, and capitalise on what I call your ‘A’ clients – the top 5-10% of your client database whop spend the most money and give you the most business. You’ll also discover how to branch out into other profitable

This Chapter also reveals…

And last but not least…

  • Your very own MOBILE HAIRDRESSING RESOURCE GUIDE. Want to find out more about Hairdressing? Looking for extra advice and support from the Industry membership organisations, wholesalers, training organisations and directories of fellow mobile hairdressers? Then look no further than pages 86-87, for my comprehensive Mobile Hairdressing information directory for all your needs…

And much, much more. In short, How To Earn £35,000.00 A Year From Mobile Hairdressing gives you all the information you need to start your own Mobile Hairdressing business from scratch, and get up and running, and in profit FAST…

“How Much Can I Earn As A Mobile Hairdresser In 2012?”

No two jobs are the same, but as a general rule, you could expect to receive between £15.00 - £20.00 for a very basic job, and £60.00 - £70.00 (or higher) for bigger jobs.

At the time of writing, a mobile hairdresser can earn anything from £5,000 a year for part-time or evening work, to in excess of £35,000 a year. With add-on services and other expansion ideas, your earnings have no ceiling other than your own imagination and the amount of effort you are willing to put in.

If How To Earn £35,000.00 A Year From Mobile Hairdressing is everything I say it is, what would you expect to pay for this valuable information? £100? £200? Even 300? A simple guide which has the potential (if you apply what you’ll learn) to make you tens of thousands of pounds in just a few years?

If you've ever tried looking for proven information of this kind on your own, you know it costs a great deal in time and money. To do all the research yourself would cost you a small fortune, with no guarantee of finding the right deals. But by reading and using what you’ll discover in How To Earn £35,000.00 A Year From Mobile Hairdressing, you’ll have the facts you need to know at your fingertips, facts you can study from the comfort of your own home.

Your investment to receive How To Earn £35,000.00 A Year From Mobile Hairdressing is just £27 for the online version,

And quite frankly, this guide will pay for itself hundreds, maybe even thousands of times over the course of your Mobile Hairdressing career. Just one or two regular Hairdressing clients could earn you hundreds, even thousands of pounds a year in extra cash, cash you wouldn’t otherwise have earned. Think about it…

You’re Also Fully Covered By My No-Risk Money-back Guarantee.

mobile hairdressing

If at any time during the 10 days after you receive How To Earn £35,000.00 A Year From Mobile Hairdressing, you aren’t delighted with it (for any reason), you don’t wish to continue, simply send us back the guide, and I’ll send you a full refund of your money (less p&p). It’s that simple…

Here's A Recent Email I Received From A Customer...

Dear Rachael,
I found your book excellent. It provided everything I needed and more. It was very interesting and I found information in your book that I would not have thought of but was very relevant. I was going to write to you to thank you for the help with the sample business plan. That has made a huge difference and saved a lot of time in starting up my business.
Lea-Anne M.

One More Thing – It’s Important…

The current Banking Crisis is making a lot of people, and companies, very nervous. And with inflation rising, food, gas, electricity and water prices are going through the roof. That’s before you start to talk about mortgages and credit card debts.

Times are tough for a lot of people out there. Maybe even you?

Even if you have a solid job, are well thought of and a good employee, there is always the chance of redundancy. Salons (and other business) close every day; no matter how good you are at your job, the salon’s owner (or your current employers) may not be great at running a business. Management can change, personalities can clash, clients come and go.

Plenty of huge companies have gone bust over the years (think Enron and Arthur Andersen), and unfortunately plenty more will in the future.

 Maybe even the company you’re working for right now…

How To Guarantee Yourself £35,000.00+ A Year – Even In The Current Credit Crunch…

You see, the only true security comes from being in charge of your own employment – and this is the basis of being self-employed.

That’s why I think running your own Mobile Hairdressing business (whether it’s part-time or full-time) is a smart choice to make, and that’s why I believe How To Earn £35,000.00 A Year From Mobile Hairdressing will give you the best chance of succeeding in this fun and lucrative business.


How Much Money Will You Earn In The Next Few Months?

If you’re really serious How To Earn £35,000.00 A Year From Mobile Hairdressing right now, today, while you’re still reading this letter. Remember. You’ve nothing to lose.). You are covered by a money-back guarantee. And think of all the extra cash you could make. Money which would come in handy for paying off those nagging bills, and treating yourself to life’s little luxuries…

You’ve seen what I’ve had to say. You’ve seen how How To Earn £35,000.00 A Year From Mobile Hairdressing works, and how simple it is for you to earn money from this enormous industry. I know it’s possible to make £100.00 - £500.00 a week (or more) by following my advice.

How To Earn £35,000.00 A Year From Mobile Hairdressing is a home study kit which does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s yours for the taking. All you have to do is accept it.

So send off for your copy of How To Earn £35,000.00 A Year From Mobile Hairdressing TODAY, RIGHT NOW, and start to enjoy the success you deserve.

Here’s How To Secure Your Investment Of ‘How To Earn £35,000.00 A Year From Mobile Hairdressing In 2012…’

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Mobile Hairdressing

 Mobile Hairdressing Mobile Hairdressing Mobile Hairdressing Mobile Hairdressing Mobile Hairdressing Mobile Hairdressing


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I am a firm believer that if you are going to invest in anything, invest in yourself and your business!


Yours sincerely,

Rachael Johnson

Rachael Johnson

P.S. This is your chance to have access to someone who knows what she is doing, cares about your success, and who will guide you every step of the way. When you receive How To Earn £35,000.00 A Year From Mobile Hairdressing , you'll benefit from the proven strategies you need to increase your profits, save you valuable time

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